Night and a Switchblade
Night and a Switchblade

Sandie Po is having a bad night and his evening just started. He is new to town; a gang of masked weirdos wants to beat him bloody; the only social activity for miles around is a Pleasure Island theme sock hop at the local dance hall. As Sandie careens through the perils of this peculiar small town, his night becomes increasingly bizarre as if the fabric of reality itself were fraying at every edge. Night and a Switchblade is a bizaro-noir, teen rebel movie about deviant youth and the lurid mysteries haunting a nocturnal American landscape.

The movie follows three divergent but intersecting stories. Sandie Po and Randall Nixon, recently introduced, mumble awkwardly as they roar down the highway in Sandie’s 1978 Chrysler Cordoba. Randall fidgets; Sandie drives, as they speed through the darkness and the history of Sandie’s newly adopted town. Abilene Barnes and Mary St. Cloud begin their evening mundanely seated on a couch in the living room. The night seems quiet and slow as the two girls make an effort to balance banter with boredom. Mary wants to dance. Abilene wants to read. Chas Bergeron and his gang of ‘Sugar Boys’ prowl the night looking for trouble. Tempers short and fists clenched, it becomes clear that whatever trouble this rabble of miscreants fails to find will have no such problem discovering them sooner or later.

These three stories wind through the barbs of a prickly small town only to seek refuge in the brambles of a deep and foreboding woods. It is in the shelter of this curious forest, where paths that have ventured deep into the night, take one turn too many and become hopelessly lost. Lost in the wilderness, lost in the dark and lost in the chaos that lurks in the wayward mind.


Night and a Switchblade is a movie written, directed, and produced by Ben Finer. This movie was shot in the small towns and forests of eastern Vermont. This is Ben’s first venture into feature film making. You can find his visual arts work as well as a series of masks, some of which appear in the movie, at:

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